Friday, 10 September 2010


Went a bit off tangent, not having had to do design a logo before, and kept coming up with routes and campaigns that CreateVoice could integrate. Im thinking i could mention these as well, to keep the programme fresh and young.

The idea of invitations came to me; the exclusivity makes people want to join more, appealing to the natural human instinct of not wanting to feel left out. Things like and Spotify have a greater appeal it seems because an invitation is needed to join and be involved rather than just viewing it from a distance.

The programme by nature is inclusive and non-discrimatory, but perhaps if the invitation scheme was run for about 3-4 months, with invitations (post would be nice, but to avoid costs, as an E-card) being sent out to a maximum of 5 or so people a week for the duration. Emails of people within the age range of 16-24 can be found from those signed up to receive the newsletter/updates from the V&A.

Initial Idea:

I prefer the bottom one: it makes more sense and looks far more balanced.

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