Monday, 13 September 2010


Some experiments using picnik with Diana's and Sema's images for the postcard pack to get a sense of coherency in the range of photographs. I think this may only be appropriate for the images of members themselves, as editing examples of work from the museum may be misleading.

I most like the top one, the only thing is that it's not as vibrant as the original and fits most with the colour scheme. Also, it doesn't go with Sema's at the bottom as well as the one directly above it. Feedback tomorrow hopefully!

(Note: this is for the postcard pack to send to Erin O'Connor to give her a greater sense of what CreateVoice is and gain her support as the 'face' of the forum. Members were to write 100-200 words about themselves and their experience of Create Voice and attach a picture of themselves, work they have created, or an object from the V&A they like.)

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