Friday, 11 February 2011

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Some Letterpress Experiments

I was down in the Letterpress workshop at college a few weeks back, generating some stock type to potentially use for this project as well as my future work. I used only wood type as their eclectic nature neatly reflects the diverse collection of the museum whilst maintaining the contrast between modernity and tradition (as well as my interests as a designer).

I've included an example of the use of letterpress on 'CreateVoice' a few posts back but i thought it would be quite nice to show some other examples of the type i collected.

image taken from my personal blog

Monday, 13 September 2010

Maybe i've been working too long? Not sure what i think about these...


I found this polaroid and think it's beautiful. It also really fits the colour scheme i decided on for the identity (bar the whale!). Maybe polaroid style may be the way for the postcard pack? Like 'SNAPSHOTS' or something. Not the most original i know, but the structure is nice and i was intending to do something with a white/grey border anyway so why not. (I experimented with this to poor results; mainly because it was a block colour and had no depth and i didn't know how to do that in photoshop). Just to see how some of the images fit with this concept then...


Some experiments using picnik with Diana's and Sema's images for the postcard pack to get a sense of coherency in the range of photographs. I think this may only be appropriate for the images of members themselves, as editing examples of work from the museum may be misleading.

I most like the top one, the only thing is that it's not as vibrant as the original and fits most with the colour scheme. Also, it doesn't go with Sema's at the bottom as well as the one directly above it. Feedback tomorrow hopefully!

(Note: this is for the postcard pack to send to Erin O'Connor to give her a greater sense of what CreateVoice is and gain her support as the 'face' of the forum. Members were to write 100-200 words about themselves and their experience of Create Voice and attach a picture of themselves, work they have created, or an object from the V&A they like.)