Monday, 13 September 2010

Maybe i've been working too long? Not sure what i think about these...


I found this polaroid and think it's beautiful. It also really fits the colour scheme i decided on for the identity (bar the whale!). Maybe polaroid style may be the way for the postcard pack? Like 'SNAPSHOTS' or something. Not the most original i know, but the structure is nice and i was intending to do something with a white/grey border anyway so why not. (I experimented with this to poor results; mainly because it was a block colour and had no depth and i didn't know how to do that in photoshop). Just to see how some of the images fit with this concept then...


Some experiments using picnik with Diana's and Sema's images for the postcard pack to get a sense of coherency in the range of photographs. I think this may only be appropriate for the images of members themselves, as editing examples of work from the museum may be misleading.

I most like the top one, the only thing is that it's not as vibrant as the original and fits most with the colour scheme. Also, it doesn't go with Sema's at the bottom as well as the one directly above it. Feedback tomorrow hopefully!

(Note: this is for the postcard pack to send to Erin O'Connor to give her a greater sense of what CreateVoice is and gain her support as the 'face' of the forum. Members were to write 100-200 words about themselves and their experience of Create Voice and attach a picture of themselves, work they have created, or an object from the V&A they like.)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Never knew this existed until a couple of days ago!

Very insightful and inspiring (and there's an interview with Erin, although i think if we got the chance we could ask better questions than 'what's your favourite colour?'...)

Also come lovely interviews with Timorous Beasties, Natasha Kerr and Peter Blake amongst other greats.

This is beautiful

If I'm not mistaken, the Peacock Amongst Ruins lives at the V&A

I love the subtlety, of the design with the type and image working together rather than trying to outdo each other. Also works well with modern/traditional idea.


Went a bit off tangent, not having had to do design a logo before, and kept coming up with routes and campaigns that CreateVoice could integrate. Im thinking i could mention these as well, to keep the programme fresh and young.

The idea of invitations came to me; the exclusivity makes people want to join more, appealing to the natural human instinct of not wanting to feel left out. Things like and Spotify have a greater appeal it seems because an invitation is needed to join and be involved rather than just viewing it from a distance.

The programme by nature is inclusive and non-discrimatory, but perhaps if the invitation scheme was run for about 3-4 months, with invitations (post would be nice, but to avoid costs, as an E-card) being sent out to a maximum of 5 or so people a week for the duration. Emails of people within the age range of 16-24 can be found from those signed up to receive the newsletter/updates from the V&A.

Initial Idea:

I prefer the bottom one: it makes more sense and looks far more balanced.
I found a far slicker example of the cut out type and exposed decoration underneath. I think it would be nicer with a serif typeface instead, subtly and modestly reflecting the academia of the institution. Caslon or Minion pro or something similar maybe.

Some Less successful ones....

...mainly due to it being a bit slap dash. I like the Antique/Modern mix though, and i think this is something I am definitely going to work more on: simple, elegant, decorative (the V&A is a museum of decorative arts after all, it would be strange not to include some pattern or similar)
This was the first experiment with fabric from the collection and a decorative typeface. I think it looks quite nice (compared to some of the others i've done!) but maybe a bit too much with a victorian fabric sample and victorian typeface. However the less successful ones (which i rushed a bit, i'm not going to lie) have a nice mix between modern and old fashioned. I definitely don't want to make it too young and YOUF, appealing instead to the timeless elegance of antiquity and second hand qualities --> charming, relatable, welcoming, warm

The title image was my submission to the CreateVoice competition to design something to be put on their website. Although it didn't win, i'm really happy with how it came out. I experimented with that to create something similar for the identity//logo i am designing for my work experience with CreateVoice but it seemed a bit done and i wanted to try something new. There may be something in the cut out lettering though...

I've been pretty solidly been working on sheets up until a few days ago, when i decided that i should move onto the computer to experiment and to translate some thumbnails into rough drafts. These are just initial ideas and it's unlikely that i'll use them but it was a nice way to get back into using software, since the last time i did must have been around may?!